In this Article, we will discuss about TempData. TempData in ASP.NET MVC can be used to store temporary data which can be used in the subsequent request. TempData will be cleared out after the completion of a subsequent request.

TempData is useful when you want to transfer non-sensitive data from one action method to another action method of the same or a different controller as well as redirects. It is dictionary type which is derived from TempDataDictionary.

You can add a key-value pair in TempData as shown in the below example.

TempData allows you to store data & it will remain after redirects. It uses the Session to store data. When an object in a TempDataDictionary. It will be marked for deletion at the end of that request.

TempData declared as

TempData["value"] = "data";


public ActionResult FirstAction()

    // store something into the tempdata that will be available during a single redirect
    TempData["FirstAction"] = "SecondAction";
    // you should always redirect if you store something into TempData to
    // a controller action that will consume this data
    return RedirectToAction("SecondAction");
public ActionResult SecondAction()
{    var data = TempData["FirstAction"];
   return View();

The Peek and Keep methods allow to read the value without deletion. we can say that first request data will remains in TempData. You can use Peek when you always want to retain the value for another request. Use Keep when retaining the value depends on additional logic.

//second request, Peek value is not deleted at the end of the request
object value = TempData.Peek("value");

//third request, read value and delete
object value = TempData["value"];


//second request, get value going for delete

object value = TempData.["value"];

//later  decide to keep it for next request

//third request, read value and mark it for deletion
object value = TempData["value"];

Removing TempData

TempData.Clear() : It is use to remove all keys from the TempDataDictionary TempData.Remove(key) :Remove a specific key from TempDataDictionary.

Note: Since TempData makes use of the Session State behavior, it must be enabled on the controller using TempData. By default it is always enabled, You can disable session state for your controllers by adding [SessionState(SessionStateBehavior.Disabled)] attribute. ASP.NET MVC 6 Hosting is European Windows Hosting Provider which focuses on Windows Platform only. We deliver on-demand hosting solutions including Shared hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and IT as a Service for companies of all sizes. We have customers from around the globe, spread across every continent. We serve the hosting needs of the business and professional, government and nonprofit, entertainment and personal use market segments.